Best Grappling Dummies For Martial Arts

In order to achieve success, it is necessary to invest a lot of time and effort into what you are doing. This is most definitely true when it comes to wrestling, judo and grappling. Working hard and being dedicated to each facet of the discipline is required by individuals who want to become successful in combat sports. Technique drilling, conditioning and sparring are all included in this.

Conflicting training schedules can cause the task of improving your skills to become quite challenging. People involved in the sport have different work or school schedules, which means they do not have the same access when it comes to partners and using the training facilities. Fortunately, Grappling Dummies 2018 – Best Grappling Dummies, like Submission Master provide a practical solution and make it easier to get over the hurdles of conflicting training times.

These dummies are remarkable for practicing throws and doing drills and have become a crucial component of the training regimen of many enthusiasts of combat sports. They significantly assist with conditioning and perfecting various techniques.

The latest grappling dummies are manufactured with blends of durable, high-quality plastic. Either sand or compactly packaged fabric is used for the filling and these grappling dummies typically weigh between 40 and 150 pounds. In addition, there is a range of sizes in which the dummies are available and they also come in different shapes. Some dummies are designed for BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu), some better suited for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and others for wrestling and judo.

Categories of Grappling Dummies:

Wrestling Dummies

Normally, these types of dummies weigh a bit more and are used primarily for conditioning the body or practicing throws. They are typically made without arms and are incredible for use when practicing your double leg. Additionally, they can assist you in perfecting a magnificent 5-point throw and are great for those constant up and down lifts.

MMA Dummies

MMA dummies are the most durable of all the grappling dummies and they are made out of a thick plastic skin. The material used to make them allows for maximum damage, so they can handle being rough up and thrown around. The dummies are made for placement in either an upright or lying position. If you would like to sharpen up on your ground and pound, perfect your strikes or you just want to get an intense cardio workout, these dummies are ideal for you. Repeatedly hitting MMA dummies for just 2 minutes can prove to be quite challenging.

BJJ Dummies

Typically, these dummies are available in two positions: kneeling or lying on their backs. When in a kneeling position, the dummy allows for the practicing of submission techniques like the gullotine chokes, triangle chokes, kimuras, razor armbars, armbars and collar chokes. When it is lying on its back you can sharpen up on knee or belly transitions, key locks, guillotine chokes, and kimuras. BJJ grappling dummies are anatomically correct, which means they are made to mimic the structure of a human being. The construction of these dummies makes you feel as if you are actually training with another person. They have flexible arms that enable you to easily run through armbars or kimuras. It weighs roughly 80 pounds and is constructed out of durable nylon. If your aim is to enhance your ground game, become more skilled at attacking and properly transitioning, this is among the easiest ways to start.

Judo Dummies

If you want to perfect the art of properly using your body weight to throw around heavier objects, a judo dummy is an ideal choice for you. These dummies are being used on the international scene by members of different Olympic teams to master throwing around an opponent. The best feature of using judo dummies is that they allow your training partners to escape the usual hassle of being consistently thrown around during training.

Best Dummy for Fighting or MMA:

Combat Sports Hangman Dummy

This dummy is the ideal for those who would like to enhance their grappling and striking skills. The hangman dummy’s head and shoulders are outfitted with hooks so it can be attached to the ceiling, making it easier to practice strikes. It is relatively tall; therefore, it provides a precise target for clinching, elbows, body shots or leg strikes.

Best Dummy for Judo and Wrestling:

Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

This grappling dummy is an outstanding option for those who prefer a dummy that can be used for both BJJ and wrestling. With its extended fake arms, you can easily train to master ground submission techniques. Additionally, you can use this dummy to simulate going for an armor when your opponent’s hands are incorrectly extended.

This dummy is made from durable nylon, which makes it difficult to tear; therefore, it can be punished mercilessly and still escape without the fabric being torn. It has been known to hold up against grueling, extended onslaught and even use by multiple people. Its weight is approximately 70 pounds; however, stuffing it with a less dense fabric can make it lighter, if that is your preference.

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