6 Steps On How To Get Him Back

Relationships are stressful and dealing with breakups is just mind-numbing painful. The worst thing about the whole ordeal is when you cannot get over it. Let’s face it; as women, we are impulsive and tend to make rash decisions. Sometimes we find ourselves with a split-up even when we have feelings for our partner.

Well, here’s how you can get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him:

Step 1: Analyze and conclude
After you have done with the crying and moping around it is time to put on your thinking cap. Literally, meditate on the time spent with your ex. Think back from the beginning and start analyzing. Using a paper and pen would come in helpful while drawing conclusions.
Your goal is to pin down the things that could have been handled in a better way. Chances are after a thorough analysis you would give up on your ex altogether thinking good riddance. However, if not then read on.

Step 2: Let go of grudges
After you are done crunching data and analyzing you would understand whom to place the blame on. But like the cliché, it takes two to tango, two to clap and two to ruin a relationship. Let go of grudges, hurt and any other negative emotion you might have for your ex.
If you really want to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him around for a long time then you cannot have past feelings of blame ruining it.

Step 3: Look hot
Once you forgive him and yourself, it is time to set the ball rolling. It is time to gear up. You need to start working on yourself. You need to look your hottest, dress your best and feel the world about yourself. Confidence and assertiveness is something that is cherished and envied by exes everywhere.
You need to make your ex, his friends, his co-workers, his neighbors, everyone want to date you.

Step 4: Become your best
Hotness can get you noticed; however, it is your behavior and reaction to circumstances that keep you in a relationship. Getting your ex back is no big deal, but enjoying a satisfying relationship together takes time and patience. Men are primarily easy going beings. They have ridiculously simple needs. Use the observations made in Step 1 to understand how you can deal with your ex-boyfriend in a better way.
Every person is different and there is no shortcut here for you to jump the gun. Meditate on how you can turn situations to suit your needs.

Step 5: Dazzle him
After you have done changing yourself it is time for the first contact. It might be weeks or months since you both met each other and jumping right into bed would be a very bad idea.
Take your time and make yourself more desirable to him. You want him to sweat it, especially if the break up was his fault. When you meet him do not bring the past up. You are a whole new person now and maybe so is he. Talk about the present and things which are new in both your lives.
Be the temptation he desires and do not bullsh*t it. He is your ex and probably knows when you are bluffing.

Step 6: Take things slow
If your first date went well, chances are that he might call you to plan another one. Do not act needy. Be yourself and take things slow. Remember that he is on your turf now. Try not to repeat the same mistakes again.
The second date is when you spark an open discussion. Bring everything to the table with you and discuss it. Commit to having a better relationship.
There are chances that he might not call you or maybe he is already in another relationship. Understand that there are some things which you cannot control and the best decision here would be to let things go. If you really love this guy then you probably want him happy. If he is not happy with his current girlfriend then he will definitely break up which is when you can swoop in and work your magic.
However, if the universe does not give you that chance, do not try grabbing it by persistently calling him or texting him. Men, in general, do not like to be chased.

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